15 minutes

I’ve given myself 15 minutes to blog. Not too sure what I can accomplish in that time, but let’s try!

First, the sweater I am determined to finish today…. the knitting is finished but I have about 6 ends to weave in. I *hate* weaving in ends!! So much. The knitting on this has been finished for a week but it’s been waiting for the buttons and the finishing for that long. In the meantime I’ve managed to knit 1/2 of another sweater. Today, I am determined to do this.

I really wish I would have been able to capture the true colour of this sweater. It’s a beautiful emerald green, but every time I photographed it, it looked too dark, or in this case, much much too washed out!

Next, Ev and I will be going on a walk… to playgroup, the library and finally to the Dr’s office for my 22 week prenatal. Baby has been super active in the past few days! keeping me up at night, surprising me with huge rolls and jabs here and there. It’s awesome. This is the best part of being pregnant. I’m not too big yet, and some of the sickness has left for now. I say *for now* because you NEVER KNOW.

I was pretty jazzed that the crocuses came through in my kitchen ‘garden’. It’s nice to look at, especially when you wake to frost and even SNOW still!

Anyhow, 15 minutes are up- next time, a more interesting entry!


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