Blogging is best when there’s housework to be done.

I woke this morning with no plans. Seeing as I didn’t finish YESTERDAY’S plans I decided it was futile to make more plans. Out of the blue, I turned to Evan and said… So, you wanna go and get a guinea pig today?

Bad idea. Not for the pigs… now, they have found themselves a good home where they’re going to get spoiled here. Only a bad idea because I followed through and my poor husband was a little blindsided by the whole idea.

We had the cage and most of the supplies… the pet store helped me get EVERYTHING we needed. And man, guinea pigs need a lot. 🙂

Here they are! the one on the left is Summer, she’s the mother and looking at the camera is babybell, her daughter.

They were a rescue because the little boy that had the guinea pig family wasn’t prepared for the male and female pigs to ACTUALLY breed. :p I guess he was on the right track with keeping two pigs together (they do best in pairs or more) but failed to check to see if they were male or female. Hence, summer giving birth to babybell. 🙂

The trip itself was a fail. I forgot to close the gas flap on my car and noticed it open on the highway (of course after passing someone in an arrogant huff!) and forgot to bring another diaper for Ev, so poor dude had to sit in a wet cloth and soaked pants on the way home… even WORSE, I forgot to deposit a cheque and when I went to pay for the pigs, my card was declined! lol luckily a quick trip to the bank solved the payment problem, Ev was a good boy and didn’t fuss over his diaper (cloth has some downfalls!)  and I closed my gas flap and acted nonchalant about that issue!

The pigs are settling in quite well. I have them in my old ferret cage, with a rabbit hutch on the way tonight. I missed having cavies around. The ferrets I loved (more about them another day) but they were a bit much for me to handle when pregnant and until I had my moods sorted out. They both died of old age, and daily I miss them a lot… but the perfect ‘patch’ for the loss of my ferrets are these ladies here.

I came home to find that my lemon basil had sprouted!

Now, I don’t have much luck growing things from scratch but I have vowed to turn my luck around and GROW something on my windowsill.. come on lemon basil don’t let me down. 🙂

I’ve been creating spring in my house lately, keeping crocuses and daffodils on my kitchen table, growing seeds on the windowsill and beginning the spring cleaning. Might as well do it now since by springtime I’ll be carting a watermelon around in my shirt!

Now, I don’t know what the weather is like in your part of the world but in mine, it’s downright balmy! 13 degrees today. IN JANUARY! I can’t wrap my mind around that. At this time of year, it’s normally -20 and downright CHILLY… I don’t know what is up with this weather. As a result though, Evan has cabin fever! he’s climbing the walls (sometimes, literally) begging to be let out and he has Brian and I in stitches with his antics. you know when kittens and puppies get crazies and run in random circles with their tails in a kink… imagine that in a human toddler and the result is pure hilarious!

Here he is today, after bringing me my camera and posing with his horse! He’s actually saying ‘cheeeeeese!’ as I took this picture.  What a goon. My babies make life better, no matter what.

Anyhow, I really DO have housework to do… Ruby, Yes I will be blogging regularly. I have a blog on livejournal but REALLY, who goes there anymore? haha. I’m excited about this new blog. 🙂


15 minutes

I’ve given myself 15 minutes to blog. Not too sure what I can accomplish in that time, but let’s try!

First, the sweater I am determined to finish today…. the knitting is finished but I have about 6 ends to weave in. I *hate* weaving in ends!! So much. The knitting on this has been finished for a week but it’s been waiting for the buttons and the finishing for that long. In the meantime I’ve managed to knit 1/2 of another sweater. Today, I am determined to do this.

I really wish I would have been able to capture the true colour of this sweater. It’s a beautiful emerald green, but every time I photographed it, it looked too dark, or in this case, much much too washed out!

Next, Ev and I will be going on a walk… to playgroup, the library and finally to the Dr’s office for my 22 week prenatal. Baby has been super active in the past few days! keeping me up at night, surprising me with huge rolls and jabs here and there. It’s awesome. This is the best part of being pregnant. I’m not too big yet, and some of the sickness has left for now. I say *for now* because you NEVER KNOW.

I was pretty jazzed that the crocuses came through in my kitchen ‘garden’. It’s nice to look at, especially when you wake to frost and even SNOW still!

Anyhow, 15 minutes are up- next time, a more interesting entry!

Hello world!

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